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COURTS    OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,    ETC.                291

The beauties of the environs of Funchal resemble
those of Naples and Ischia. The houses are all
white; above the town the villas are white also,
and scattered about the declivity. The colour of
the slope is now very brown, being almost all in
vines. Orange groves everywhere intersect both
country and city. The whole mass is pumice-stone
of a dark purple hue, and black and red lava,
and the beach is all puzzolana. I could have
fancied myself at Naples et proprius ardere puteolos.

We landed at some distance from the town,
and had a long walk between gardens and vine-
yards, supported as they are on the mountain
sides of Capri and other Neapolitan places. The
oranges we have tasted are very sweet. There
are bananas, but the number of palm-trees is
small. In a month this must be a paradise.
General Clinton and our troops are here.

As Madeira was quite uninhabited when dis-
covered in 1419, and covered with woods, there is
no accounting for its arborisation, as a volcano,
but by supposing it the fragment of a continent,
and that the eruptions were prior to that conti-
nent being sunk by earthquakes. There is a
complete crater on the mountain.